Saturday, April 13, 2019

Nexialist Presents: Fleshfilm / Fleshsounds

“Hyperintimacy as ambience” - The Fleshsounds were created in 2002 for the Halforganic Series, the Fleshfilm was produced in 2005 as a live video for select Nexialist Operations. Both take the term “pink noise” literally and were intended as the audible and visual ambience for live installations exploring human proximity. The six compositions and the video were developed by use of source material that was cut up, treated with various effects and a significant amout of digital blur. The “Unschärfe” veils what is seen, disintegrating sound and image into near-obscurity: a visual encoding process similar to distortion. While nothing is recognizable, the undulating pink surfaces continuously refer to the echo of their origin. The grittiness of the effects betrays the age of the production. All things Burroughs were a significant influence, Vito Acconci as well, and the story that Rem Koolhaas had written porn film scripts.

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