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Fragment King: Angel Position

Angel Position is a full-length album by nexialist "persona" Fragment King. It will be released on CD and in digital formats in 2014 on the Megahertz Label, home of German electronic experimenters Klangstabil. Songwriting began in 2007. An early demo of three songs was recorded in 2008. The recording process for the entire album lasted from 2008 to 2010. The album was mastered by Berlin-based Hardcore Drum n Bass producer Bazooka in 2012. It features 8 original songs by Fragment King plus one remix by Bazooka for the track "Nullifier" (Bazooka's Warhead Remix), which was originally released in 2012 on the Elektroanschlag compilation CD boxset. In 2013 Discussions began with Megahertz on the artwork and release format. During this process the image of the "black iron prison" was created as part of an elaborate set of digital drawings created for the album. Eventually, the artwork was stripped down to a bare minimum in order to produce a run of 100 pre…

Fragment King: The Squealing Of The Pigs

Megahertz posted a video in lieu of the new Fragment King album titled "Angel Position", to be released in CD-format on 28.03.2014.