Grey Lodge

Grey Lodge by M. Kammerbauer

For Grey Lodge, Mark Kammerbauer collaborated with Markus Stenger of s2lab for an ambient sound art installation for House Pfettrachgasse in Landshut. The historic 15th century house is currently under restoration and historic preservation under the direction of Markus Stenger of s2lab. For the public presentation of the house on 14 March 2020 the Grey Lodge recording served as acoustic background comprising an half-hour "artificial" digital audio wallpaper in juxtaposition to the "natural" materials of the historic building. Grey Lodge is an exclusive continuous (re)mix of recordings that were produced and released in various formats between 2000 and 2010 under the aliases of Fragment King, Torso and Nexicon (with Lee Bartow and Tim Spann).

URBAN EVOLUTION (Heterotopia #070129)

Urban Evolution site specific performance from Mark Kammerbauer on Vimeo.
Cities are examples of how building, destroying, and rebuilding occur over and over again. Such processes that can be triggered by crisis, disaster and other societal, political or market phenomena or actors. However, how can such processes become an experience to be perceived by others? Urban Evolution intends to answer this question within a performance in public space on the Theaterplatz square in Weimar, Germany, developed in the context of a research project at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar. By doing so we reimagined a quasi-historic process of cycles of rebuilding, demolition and rebuilding again and again that remains invisible unless some sort of signs indicate this process. European cities may actually be a case in point, considering wartime destruction and postwar modernist planning schemes that drastically altered historic cityscapes. Yet, while physical or social traces may remain, the …

M. Kammerbauer: Well Tempered Room

Well Tempered Room by M. Kammerbauer
The Well Tempered Room recordings were created in 2005. Depending on where you stand in a room in which the recordings are played, they sound differently. The original intention was to play them simultaneously with an arranged set of 8 speakers, enabling listeners to move freely between them, thus providing them with an emphatic listening of each of the 8 tracks in a physical, spatial mix. The 8 pieces were composed and arranged from electro-acoustic source material created in improvised session. The material was grouped, edited, and correlated according to a set of desired acoustic properties and edited as a continuous acoustic "field.” They also function as an acoustic design element for generic or personal spaces. As an album the tracks should be played as one piece, continously, and without gaps.

Nexialist Presents: Schismotecture (The Navidson Record)

Schismotecture: The Navidson Record by M. Kammerbauer
Schismotecture a.k.a. “The Navidson Record” is a conceptual cycle of recordings inspired by the concept of the house that is larger on the inside than on the outside from Mark Z. Danielewski's novel “House of Leaves.” Similar to the design of Friedrich Kiesler's “Endless House” it declares a state of perceptive emergency by dissolving the conventions of architectural geometry into a continuum, thus eerily creating an intellectual counterpart to the cave by having emerged from the depth of the earth. Schismotecture takes these spatial concepts into the realm of the audible. The recordings combine electroacoustic composition and improvised sessions (synthesizers, effects) with field recordings and electric guitar and bass guitar.

M. Kammerbauer: Audible Form

Audible Form by M. Kammerbauer
Audible Form ist a collection of pieces written and recorded for media art, short film, performance video, and competitions; written, produced, mastered by M. Kammerbauer at White Furnace Lodge in the USA and Germany between 2000 and 2007. Here are the original liner notes:
beyond fragment king and the other related nexialist-allied projects including nexicon and the more beat-driven electro material with n.deiker, m.kammerbauer had been producing material for use in short film and media art of third-party creators over the course of 5 years. in 2008, a continuous mix of this more ambient, click-cut, whatever-you-may-call-it, "smart music" was created for the nexialist website as a digital download. an essay from 2005 states, "the style of the music shifts between mostly ambient with elements of noise, breaks, field recordings. some of it represent typological "elements" conveying separate, identifiable emotional or perspective …

MIMESIS (Heterotopia #040515)

The Nexialist Operation “Mimesis” is an experiment in using architecture as a music instrument. The object used was a particularly suitable one, a studio building by Peter Haimerl in Munich with pneumatic facades that served as percussion instrument. The video features four parts (for those who want to scroll forward): 00:10 - 03:00 Soundcheck; 03:00 - 05:00 Session: sound of space; 05:00 - 08:00 Mirror Image: space of sound; 08:00 - 09:30 Triangulation: space/sound/instrument.

The following is the original concept text of the project: “We conducted an operation in the studio building Mimesis, designed by architect Peter Haimerl. The building as such was used as a sound creation device in this operation. Located in Putzbrunn, Munich, Germany, the studio complex consists of two cube-shaped buildings ca. 6 x 6 x 6 m each, one of which, with two pneumatic transparent vinyl facades, was used for the operation. The resulting sounds were recorded by electro-acoustic, digital-acoustic and d…


The Xenakis-Emulator is an audiovisual adaptation of two key works of architect/composer Iannis Xenakis - the composition “Metastasseis” and the facade for the monastery “La Tourette” by master architect Le Corbusier. We created a synergetic digital animation of an interpretation of the facade and the music composition. The facade strips, which reflect the “Glissando”-motif of “Metastasseis”, float in an abstract space, followed by a vertical strip that “plays” our music interpretation in realtime and synchronous with the vertical facade elements.

Iannis Xenakis was born in Romania in 1922. His family returned to Greece in 1932. He studied architecture and math and became a resistance fighter, fleeing from Greece to France in 1947, where he worked in the office of Le Corbusier. He was a student of Olivier Messiaen, and as first composer within New Music, he used mathematical probability in composition, becoming the inventor of stochastic music. Xenakis composed pieces for orchestra, …

Nexialist Presents: Halforganic

Halforganic is the title of a series of compositions and performances that were recorded and packaged with artwork in various formats between 2000 and 2003. Alltogether, ten different CDs, cassette tapes and vinyl records and accompanying print materials were produced and released in limited editions under the nexialist imprint. They collect the output of a creative progression ranging from danceable electronic tracks to spatial-acoustic explorations via live performances to improvised, analog-digital pieces. The live performances took place mostly in New York City and led to a shift towards a more noisy, spontaneous sound. The final step was a farewell to all genre restrictions and conventional song structures structures to an unrestrained, improvisational direction influenced by ambient and experimental performers and modern classical composers.

The video contains the following edited tracks:
0:00 Doorway (Torso: M. Kammerbauer), taken from nex000
1:30 Train to Instantbul (Instantb…

Fragment King: Grey Album

Grey Album by fragment king
Your submission comes without a prize…
Who is the machine now? (Emperor Slug)

Fragment King recorded the “Grey Album” in 2005 with digital beats and sounds and treated bass guitar and vocals. The album is now completely sold out. The combination of guitar sounds with electronic beats had always been the basic concept of the project, inspired by Big Black, Godflesh, but also metal bands like Carcass and Celtic Frost on the one hand, as well as the cineastic feel of electronic projects such as Source Direct, Dom + Roland, Autechre. Lyrics are personal and heavily processed with effects, creating a sound triptych of beats, chords, and voice. The album artwork consists of photography by M. Kammerbauer. “Grey Album” was critically very well received. Orkus reviewer Thomas Sonder gave the album 9.5 of 10 points, stating FK “could be described as a mix of power electronics and drone doom with aggressive backgrounds, produced by Kammerbauer in an enormously dense an…

Nexialist Presents: Fleshfilm / Fleshsounds

“Hyperintimacy as ambience” - The Fleshsounds were created in 2002 for the Halforganic Series, the Fleshfilm was produced in 2005 as a live video for select Nexialist Operations. Both take the term “pink noise” literally and were intended as the audible and visual ambience for live installations exploring human proximity. The six compositions and the video were developed by use of source material that was cut up, treated with various effects and a significant amout of digital blur. The “Unschärfe” veils what is seen, disintegrating sound and image into near-obscurity: a visual encoding process similar to distortion. While nothing is recognizable, the undulating pink surfaces continuously refer to the echo of their origin. The grittiness of the effects betrays the age of the production. All things Burroughs were a significant influence, Vito Acconci as well, and the story that Rem Koolhaas had written porn film scripts.

Wallywoods (Heterotopia #080913)

On September 13, 2008, we joined experimental percussion legend z'ev on stage. The line-up featured Marcelo Aguirre (Evil Spirit, Spastic Dementia) on drums and Alexandra (von Bolz'n) on vocals as well as Mark Kammerbauer (a.k.a. Fragment King) on treated bass guitar. We played a single, throbbing, droning, half-hour piece at Gallery Wallywoods in berlin. The set was completely improvised, with superfast blasting grindcore drums contrasted by superslow detuned bass riffage, enlivened by percussion clang and bang and guttural growls and piercing screams. Hai no banda? Im gegenteil. “The Bänd” had arrived that evening, t'banned, not canned, but with powerful release of physical acoustic force.

CRITICAL VOID (Heterotopia #130724)

Critical Void is an analytical audio work based on an urbanist study of the MaximiliansForum in Munich and its planning history. By employing interviews with key individuals and document research, Z‘EV, Alexandra von Bolz'n and Mark Kammerbauer developed a site-specific audio performance and work that was performed live on site on 24.07.2013. The project was curated by the Kulturreferat of the City of Munich. This is a step-by-step documentation of the project. The location that includes the MaximiliansForum art space can be found beneath the crossing of Maximilianstrasse and Altstadtring in Munich. It has escalators that are currently in disuse. It is denominated officially as pedestrian tunnel. It is by far the largest of its kind in the city. Rumor has that original planning intended a traffic tunnel. So, what happened here?
On Wednesday, 24.07.2013 at 19:00 we performed CRITICAL VOID live after a very friendly introduction by Elisabeth Hartung of the Culture Offic…

Torso: Generating Space

Generating Space by Torso
Torso was a Nexialist project aimed at creating the audible phenomena of space, a reversive engineering of spatial sound. 16 tracks were collected for the "Generating Space" album. It features a red colored CD-R with red on-disc print in an edition of 100, in a plastpak with sticker attached. It is now completely sold out. The sticker blurb stated: "Artificial and impossible spaces are made possible through torso's processing of spatial audio phenomena! Ethereal noise and digital density create explorations into sonic architecture." Dead Angel Zine concluded: "(…) minimalism is the key here: the efx themselves are used in minimalist fashion, although at times there are several going on at once and it gets pretty dense. The noise generated by such experimental sound processing, especially with the use of distortion and delay, is often gritty and booming, the sound of disturbed things happening in vast open rooms. It's the sound…