Thursday, January 21, 2021


A year ago I recorded a bass feedback session at the Bunker, Blumenstrasse, Munich. It will form the core of new Fragment King recordings tentatively titled RETREAT, planned for a release with ANNIHILVS.

Nexialist @ Monomer TV

Episode two of Monomer TV's season three at Vimeo features NEON, a short film created in 2008. It begins at minute 32:10 and ends at minute 35.30. Thank you to Lee Bartow and Gretchen Heinel of Monomer TV for the opportunity!

MONOMER TV Season Three Episode 2 - 1/4/2021 from MONOMER AUDIO EMPORIUM on Vimeo.

Here are the original project notes: "A neon light is dying. in its last moments, it is observed by a digital hi-8 camera. As the soul of the neon light fades and struggles to regain composure, the camera is uncertain on what to focus – a repetitive cycle, obscured by irregular fluctuations within the neon light. Within this fluctuation we recognize how identity is revealed by crisis, to be shrouded in mystery again and again, how dialogue becomes a questionable thing. In this sense, [neon] is an inversion – see with your ears, not your eyes – as the only sound the camera hears is its own. Or is there an ephemereal, illuminated shadow of electrons in flux somewhere amid the machinic acoustic grind? Neon (2008): Macbook, iMovie HD, iDVD, HI-8 Digital Analog Camera, Neon Light."


RETREAT by FRAGMENT KING Torch Song is the first track of the RETREAT sessions to be fully released. It has evolved over the course of the...