Nexicon live Tonic New York City 19.02.2003

these are two parts of a live video of the now-legendary performance of nexicon (leech and tim of navicon torture technologies and mark of nexialist and fragment king) at tonic lounge, new york city, on 19.02.2003.
in 2002 members of ntt and fragment king started to jam and recorded the resulting sessions. they performed two live shows in new york city in 2002 and 2003, redefining live electronic digital music in combination with electric guitars and vocal etherics. a vinyl release via nexialist and a compilation appearance via invasion wreck chords followed. one significant aspect of nexicon is the development of a real live implementation of computers and software via the hack://grind method, which eventually led to the destruction of fragment king's first laptop.
here is an edited version of an original report: "lee and i meet up after work, pack the gear and merchandise in lee’s car and head towards manhattan, all the way through new jersey. outside tonic we run into brett from double threat records. it’s wet and cold outside, typical for the season. as quick as we can, we bring our stuff into tonic and downstairs into the lounge where we meet tim, our bass man in nexicon. after setting up gear, the sandwich commandos return with food. steve and derek also arrive and we make final decisions how to organize our set while doing a brief soundcheck. kidtronix (of anti-pop consortium fame) will also spin (after our set).
the plan is to do one complete, continuous set: nexicon with fkm, leech & tim, then kaiju-nexicon featuring guests edgey and replogen! finally, the lights are dimmed down and people start coming in...
a lot of friends are here tonight and new ones are made, especially the friendly japanese musician/designer couple who laugh hard as i tell them the secret of the nex010 12“.
my laptop crashes as the ntt boys create ambience until we grind into our two tracks from the 12“, [cleanse] and [jitterbug]! these tracks leave everyone speechless. our first set last year was the dawn of structural music - now it’s here to stay. after that we play two fast breaky tracks that tie into the fk stuff, with a twist. tim hammers his bass while i start treating the guitar. lee does something hurtful to his effect pedals."


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