Wednesday, April 17, 2019

M. Kammerbauer: Audible Form

Audible Form ist a collection of pieces written and recorded for media art, short film, performance video, and competitions; written, produced, mastered by M. Kammerbauer at White Furnace Lodge in the USA and Germany between 2000 and 2007. Here are the original liner notes:
beyond fragment king and the other related nexialist-allied projects including nexicon and the more beat-driven electro material with n.deiker, m.kammerbauer had been producing material for use in short film and media art of third-party creators over the course of 5 years. in 2008, a continuous mix of this more ambient, click-cut, whatever-you-may-call-it, "smart music" was created for the nexialist website as a digital download. an essay from 2005 states, "the style of the music shifts between mostly ambient with elements of noise, breaks, field recordings. some of it represent typological "elements" conveying separate, identifiable emotional or perspective themes. the grouped selections provide the film maker with a "sound kit", with which he can "outfit" his picture, as if the selections were acoustic "building blocks", electro-acoustic and post-digital [scenes] based on perceptive [types] or [units] as requested by the director and extrapolated from the pictorial [feel] of the film. source material used and generated is treated with analog and digital processing equipment during the composition process." the motivation process functions thus: "in order to create the music for film, i let the pictorial source evoke a response within myself, which i reflect into the sound, which becomes the acoustic interpretation of the film aesthetic. the choice of sounds is a personal choice, sometimes directed by a textual cue of the director or by the film itself. this way, the director receives the most direct response to his film as possible and can use the developed acoustics as a raw material, to be sculpted around the film very much like a room drapes itself around its inhabitant. the relationship between film and sound is a dynamic one, flipping in- and outward, one becoming the substrate as the other becomes the enshrined life."

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