Fragment King: Pathomechanical Studies

in 2002, fragment king had recorded a number of songs that had gone further than before in terms of orchestration. these were no longer electronic jams and tracks that made use of distorted synth sounds in order to create a guitar "ambience". fk used bass guitar, guitar, and vocals. the album received a project title - "pathomechanical" - matching an experimental track he created in 1999, using an akai sampler, vocals, and bass guitar. however, "pathomechanical" is the lost album of the halforganic series, as it was slated for a 2003 release as nex007, but never came to be. half of the songs were substantially reworked and completely re-recorded for fragment king's GREY ALBUM in 2005 but appear in their original form here. the original recordings have been remastered in 2008 for an online release.


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