Fragment King: Live at SI

released in 2002 under cat.-no. nex005 within the "halforganic series" as tape cassette. contains a complete live set recorded september 6th 2001 in brooklyn, edited into individual tracks for this bandcamp release. album purchase includes the original track mixes for the original cassette release as bonus.

the first fragment king live show in the usa took place on september 6, 2001 in brooklyn, new york. at this time, fk employed an akai sampler for beats, a yamaha tx7 (a true beast of fm synth), and a number of fx pedals still in action today. the soundboard recording was used for a limited release as tape via nexialist in an edition of 100. "live at si" features artwork by the events host maryam shambayati. the recording brings the synth-as-distorted-guitar sound of fk of the 1999-2003 phase to full fruition in addition to live sound manipulation and a rawness that marked a significant step in fk's development. the tapes were sold or handed out as a promotional item and are long sold out. invazine featured a review of the tape: "avant guard - this is nexialist. (…) the first 30 hearings "live at si" left in me to that in order to understand - the pancake, where they took this mad drummer! ministry are simply obligated to outbid this fellow! (…) in the manifesto of the nexialist label it is registered: "sound as architecture, architecture as text, text as design, design as sound". as it is presented to me, from an ideological point of view precisely, fragment king is worth naming some of the basic heirs of einstürzende neubauten. combining post drum n bass post-death as influences, sampling and deriving/concluding to the foreground "living" impact, fragment king approaches the creation of his own music as architects, who are interested more in process, than by final result. 10 marks - for the acoustic fidelity, the variety, the hardness, the spontaneity, the living atmosphere and kach!"


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