Saturday, April 13, 2019

Fragment King: Grey Album

Your submission comes without a prize…
Who is the machine now? (Emperor Slug)

Fragment King recorded the “Grey Album” in 2005 with digital beats and sounds and treated bass guitar and vocals. The album is now completely sold out. The combination of guitar sounds with electronic beats had always been the basic concept of the project, inspired by Big Black, Godflesh, but also metal bands like Carcass and Celtic Frost on the one hand, as well as the cineastic feel of electronic projects such as Source Direct, Dom + Roland, Autechre. Lyrics are personal and heavily processed with effects, creating a sound triptych of beats, chords, and voice. The album artwork consists of photography by M. Kammerbauer. “Grey Album” was critically very well received. Orkus reviewer Thomas Sonder gave the album 9.5 of 10 points, stating FK “could be described as a mix of power electronics and drone doom with aggressive backgrounds, produced by Kammerbauer in an enormously dense and fat manner. Godflesh on even more drugs? More than that – Grey Album makes you sweat, evokes anger, releases force, in the controlled songs with slower pace as well as in the angry, fast noise machines, in which the Fragment King has incorporated almost insane energy eruptions in a pretty defragmented way.” According to Side-Line, “The official debut release of this American artist brings us to a dangerous border. This is a very restricted noise area where heavy breakbeats and other nervous percussions have been merged with noise and industrial. It sounds like pure chaos while the enraged screams only accentuate the punk-like style of this release! Minimal noise chaos!“ Elegy Magazine’s Olivier Camus stated poetically: “Beton, metal et camisole pour imager cette oeuvre qui ne nous a pas laisses indifferents; original et quasiment inedit depuis la mort de GODFLESH.“ And Chain DLK noted: “I don’t know how Fragment King was sounding on his early releases but the ten tracks of GREY ALBUM convinced me immediately with that dark grinding guitars and with that treated voice that seems starving for more razorblades.“ The track “Emperor Slug” was remixed by Klangstabil, their version adds a melodic and moody atmosphere to the grinding density of the original.

Scape [A] 1:22
Brutalitarian 5:55
Prosthetics 6:02
Depositio 6:31
Emperor Slug 11:58
Ruins 5:30
Monolith 5:46
Lab Rat 6:54
Autolysis 5:41
Scape [B] 8:00

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