Fragment King: Demo That Exploded 20 Year Anniversary

In 1997 Fragment King created his first demo. Now, in 2017, the six original demo tracks were remastered by BAZOOKA - - and are available now for the first time. Here are some liner notes:
fragment king officially took form with the "demo that exploded" which was recorded and issued in tape form (edition of 25) and as a cdr (edition of 15) in 1997. cdr was still a "new" media at the time and not as shamelessly cheap as it is nowadays. these were handed out to friends and labels. "iron" nedim tezkosar subsequently handed the demo around in the stuttgart scene at the time. "this guy has to do film music" - such were the comments, and long-time friends (klangstabil) have evolved from this. the demo was followed by the released of "cities and seasons" on deiker records. beginning from "new leadership" origins, fragment king wanted to combine the guitar aesthetic with digital beats, and the soundcard/midi environment offered that. reference points were of course 80s beatbox-driven rock and metal such as beastie boys, big black, godflesh, and the english wave of 90s electronics spearheaded by aphex twin ("come to daddy"), autechre, dom & roland, source direct, and the no-u-turn label.


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