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This comes courtesy of the Annihilvs mailing list:

"The final ANNIHILVS release of 2019 will be RETREAT, a new EP by our longtime compatriot, FRAGMENT KING.
A frequent collaborating member of NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES, FRAGMENT KING (or FK) is the audio/performance alter ego of M. Kammerbauer. Extreme emotion and extreme absence of emotion are parts of a dichotomy of expression present in FK's work. At times highly confrontational and at times soothing, FK uses the widest possible range of instrumentation: from animal instinct to academic discourse, from guitars to computers, from the human body to the body of space.
FRAGMENT KING produced various vinyl, MC and CD-R/CD releases from 1997 to the present, in addition to remixes and compilation tracks, on MHz, ANNIHILVS, COCK ROCK DISCO, and his own label, NEXIALIST. FK has shared the stage with BAZOOKA, HERBST9, EDGEY, KLANGSTABIL, SYNAPSCAPE, Marcelo Aguire, and many more.
For the better part of 2007-2013, FRAGMENT KING wor…