Collaborations with Z’EV

In early August 2011 “The.Bänd” (z'ev, Alexandra von Bolz'n, Fragment King) played live at the prestigious Klangbad Festival in Scheer near the Faust Studios location, alongside Goldene Zitronen and Wire. We got together two days beforehand and permitted ourselves the luxury of a full day of sessioning. Beginning with some tuneing the bass to the amps and vice versa, z'ev steps in with shamanoid percussion, soon to be complemented by Alex’ vox. Mixed trio and duo constellations emerged followed by a violent riffage crescendo. We pretty much followed that road map for the live set, with some in-situ alterations and quirks and stuff. The Klangbad folks, genius as they are, put together a video documentary that features The.Bänd in its first six minutes or so with some live footage and interviews on our views on music and playing together. In addition, a compilation was released on occasion of the festival that features an exclusive and otherwise unreleased track.


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